Première Vision Paris: A Guided Tour with Max ’n Chester

Peter Trainor and Anne Marie Maniego, the design duo behind the US brand, share what caught their eye in the forums.

Here we see lots of proposals and possibilities. We’re looking at woollens, graphic herringbones, imposing houndstooths. Woollens also moving into knits, into very soft jerseys.

The Forum, Fabrics, HALL 6, AISLES J-N


The cottony colours are so fresh! It’s as if the cottons were whispering to us. They’re very lovely, upbeat and bright. They’re what we ‘re looking for. We want men to break from their traditional fashion codes, even step outside of themselves. In shirtings, indigo variations are spreading. What we like is the way fantasy is multiplied in jeanswear: fancy wovens, jacquards, prints…

Tops & Shirts, Fabrics, HALL 5, AISLE E


These prints are influenced by the ‘20s and ‘30s, a little bit abstract. They really break from what we’ve seen in prior seasons. Like this one from Design Union (Designs). We want to incorporate prints into the inside of our jackets and our new coats.

Designs Forum, HALL 5, AISLE V-W


We like the plaid checks blurried by the fabric texture for coats. It’s something we are thinking of for our coat collection. As well as the two-tone
double faces, to play with contrasting finishings.

Style Focus, Fabrics, HALL 5, AISLE M

Credit: Première Vision Paris


Fashion Max'n Chester Paris Première Vision

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